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When Shall We Meet Again - fastest page turner - Karunakaran Narayan

When Shall We Meet Again Review by Karunakaran Narayan

When Shall We Meet Again - by Abhimanyu Rajarajan... A romantic thriller by a debutant author... A wonderful accomplishment as a writer. Gripping till the end in a colloquial style.

 The story line is from the day to day happenings in the corporate world. Employees of a IT company not really satisfied with their jobs, swamiji enters the picture brought in by the MD of the organization to bring about change in the employees. Hence a peek into the personal life of all those concerned and solutions provided. The author has dwelt every nook and corner of management (Short sightedness, USP, SWOT et all), defining the concepts explicitly through the swamiji...

Of all the characters depicted none took the center stage till the end, be it Naren, Lisa, Prem nor Arthi - The author might have taken this stand so that the importance of the characters would not get diluted. But from the readers point of view the character that takes the center stage lives in the mind. This can be the reason that the reader feels too many characters being deployed in the novel.

On loose ends - Not many, but a couple of them that I noted. When Naren goes to the Trekking camp the campers are provided 3 tents and the winners of the "made for each other" get these tents what happens to others? Where and what was the Professor doing? - The crux of the Novel lies on this incident.
Arthi's Grandfather dies when she is in college, again later on when she reminisces her past she says she returned from school to see her Grandfather dead. Might be two different Grand fathers but it makes the reader wonder how?...

I should thank the Author for providing this novel for a genuine review...
Kudos the Novel was one of the fastest page turner...

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