Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Entertaining read and a good debut from the Author - Socrates

Entertaining read and a good debut from the Author description . 

The story is set up in an IT company in Chennai and revolves around various characters - Ex lovers ,a loving girl . Happy go lucky guy , pervert , Swamiji , divorced couple and an Unhappy couple . The story line unites the various characters and goes into the life of these characters. 

+ives : The story of the book is not extra-ordinary , but the author has taken efforts to make it interesting and succeeds. The book is like a movie which has got an ordinary story but an excellent screenplay.The character development and profiling of the characters are the strong points. Swamiji , Prem and Lisa were my favorite characters and there were lot of things that could be related to these people from everyday life and the other characters too had their fair share. And i really liked the way the story moved back and forth. Some parts of the book kept me smiling and some engaging. Overall the book was worth for an entertaining read. I prefer happy ending and good that the book did not disappoint me. Surprisingly , the book also had a tinge of philosophy. The book could even be made into a good movie. 

-ives: In fact the book was pretty decent , It had way lesser -ives than i had anticipated . Few typos and grammatical errors , but that does not prove to be a glitch , They are just a few potholes in a rather smooth highway. 

Overall the book is worth a read when you want a light read for an entertaining read. And for the quality of writing , Will i read another book from the author ? , Yes i will. 

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