Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An admirable story that is refreshing and leaves a feel good vibe - Ipshita

Before all else, let me tell you that I rarely read the works of contemporary Indian writers. The main reason being that most of their books have the same overused plotlines, and after reading a few chapters one can almost figure out the end. Another reason is poor grammar and abysmal editing.

However, this book came as a pleasant surprise not only because of its negligible grammatical errors, but also for the fresh outlook on life that the author provides. Although it’s the author’s debut novel, his writing skill is very cultivated and shows a lot of potential.

The story is not only about the love story between a boy and a girl. In fact, it deals with a lot of different kinds of relationships, each with realistic issues. At times it seemed more philosophical with romance taking the backseat, but it doesn’t fail to be interesting. 

Now, I am not a fan of sages, neither am I a fan of philosophy. But in this book, the 'Swamiji' does play an important role in consolidating the characters' relationships. He is more of an intellectual person with an astute observation, so believe me when I say that he proves to be a very interesting character himself. It was like looking at the Hogwarts Castle at night, all dark and intimidating from the outside, then getting the first glance of the Great Hall filled with the lights and magical decorations.

I felt there were too many characters in the book, but as I got to know each of their stories, I actually started to like them. Narayan, of course, is the exception here. He is such a stinking pervert that my skin crawled whenever I came across his POV. My favourite character is Prem, who is very endearing and quick witted. The author manages to create different personalities for each character which is laudable.

The author is cognizant of many small details which add to the ambience of the story, but my only problem with this is that the writing felt repetitive due to it. Sometimes the authors try to describe each and every feeling of their characters to a T, but I think the readers should be given a bit of freedom to imagine these characters in their own way.

Regardless, this author has created an admirable story not just in terms of romance, but in a way that is refreshing and leaves a feel good vibe long after its end.

My thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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