Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Next Chetan Bhagat in the making - Review by Shamilee R

A review of When Shall We Meet Again?
by - Shamilee R

As clique as the title sounds, i thought it would be a routine story where a guy in a MNC meets a girl, falls in love, have some ego issues, breakup n finally get back together.. , But something, i dnw, made me read this, n i swear i wont ever regret reading this book.. When Shall We Meet Again is so effectively compiled.. I was so deeply immersed that i lost track of time n read the complete book in a single sitting!! All the characters were effectively compiled, I could connect myself in one of the characters, i'm sure everyone connects to some characters or the other. Regular complicated lives have been given a new dimension to think about..I love the way how the story took twists n turns .To say something about the other characters, i would say i hated narayan to the peaks, his inner voices to get into bed with every other female disgusted me, but i loved the way the author seem to get into him to show us the perverted side!! I myself have seen life in a new angle after i completed this book.. M at lot of peace!! M sure Abhimanyu Rajarajan  the next Chetan Bhagat in the making!! 

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