Thursday, November 21, 2013

Compelling novel - so happy to have read this book - Aarti

5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling novel... I am so happy to have read this book17 November 2013

Well I shall admit it! "When shall we meet again" is one of those of kind of novels that becomes close to your heart once you read it. A lot of people love reading romance coated suspense stories. I am one of them. Author's way of description and narration has made me fall in love with all the characters in the book. My favourite in the book is Aarti... Do not think that I am telling this just because she shares my name... Aarti is truly an interesting character. Anyone would fall in love with her innocence, beauty and boldness. This clever girl can take your breath away in moments and with her sunny nature can be a very good friend to everybody out there. Not to forget Mr. Naren whose charm is spread all over the book. I really like the way author has portrayed Naren's character. He can be a Mr.Perfect to most of the girls out there, a handsome, caring, sensitive and smart guy. Though Naren is caught between his remnants of the past and realities of the present, the eagerness to know whether things fall into place keeps us gripped to the book till the end. Lisa is a lovable beauty as described by the author. She is the girl of modern times with a bit of twist. And Prem.. the lover boy....Yess... he can fall in love with any gorgeous girl out there. Well you may think that he is a flirt but I bet that you will be among the one to get attracted to him. Well, you have to read the book to know him exactly...Truly worth it!
Other characters like Narayan are also depicted with so much of detail. There were many instances when I really felt like getting into the book and giving the pervert a tight slap... Am I getting too emotional? You ought to find out how would you feel...And there, Aathmananda reminds us of some great philosophers in the earlier century. But you again have to read the book to understand him completely. Well you have heard of double-meanings for words right? You might as well get more meanings for a single sentence he utters.
Set in an IT industry, the story is about how all of them find true love in their lives. With a balance of all emotions, author succeeds to drive home the point that True Love Can Mold People. The writing style is highly commendable. Author takes us into a beautiful ride throughout and yes I have truly fallen in love with this book.


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