Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Shall We Meet Again? - - Characters - Indian Romance - Love Story

When Shall We Meet Again -  Main Characters

When Shall We Meet Again Fiction Characters Indian Romance Novel

Naren : A software executive ; programming debugger; loved Aarthi at college. As he steps into a new relationship with Lisa at office, he finds his break up love Aarthi coming back again ; And he is in a dilemma

Aarthi : A young petite girl just out of college ... Joins an IT company to find her past lover there... Caught up in a dilemma between the cheerful Prem and the moody Naren.. Whom should she love ?

Lisa : Young Software Executive. Loves her colleague Naren and will do anything for her love. Hides her sensitive feelings of love and tries to wear a dominant mask... May be she may have to shed it some time...

Prem : A Happy Go Lucky guy who falls for the wrong girl and gets it right the second time... Or almost right ...Prem has an uncanny way of winning hearts and breaking his own heart

Narayan : A pervert Manager who is out to seduce the girls ... And when the girls cross his way, he lines up bigger dangers for them ...Even Rape , murder are not beyond his scheme of things

And with them…

Aathmananda :  A revered Swamiji who becomes a corporate trainer. Expert at transforming lives and making people come out with their deep secrets... But he too has some secrets to hide...

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